Would you like to create a 2017 that is Abundant in all areas of your life? Are you ready to leave behind the frustration, disappointment, and anxiety of the past and move forward abundantly into the future? 

Join Master Manifestor, Deborah Deras, as she guides you to:

  • Experience a powerful guided meditation and process to discover your true heart's desire above and beyond the limitations of your mind.  

  • Participate in a process to LET GO of the past limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you playing small. 
  • Synergize your intentions by doing an exercise to bring your idea into reality by creating a powerful action plan. 
  • Create a vision board to use as a reminder of your goals and visions to allow you to have a daily reminder of your goals and dreams. 

For information or questions please contact: deborah.deras@gmail.com