Los Angeles, Orange Country, San Diego meetup focused on Server Side Javascript, and in particular, Node.js. Goals for the group are to spread ideas about Server Side Javascript, Node.js in particular, socialize projects, and discuss the technology and best practices. We'd like to keep the group informal but focused on technology and interesting projects. I think the ideal group would be made up of developers on OSS projects, site/app builders, systems integrators, architects, designers, freelancers/consultants, and even a few engineering managers who manage projects using node.js.

Brant Barger -Creating Voice Commands for the Amazon Echo using AWS Alexa Skills Kit & AWS Lambda Functions 

In this talk we’ll be creating a small voice-controlled application for the Amazon Echo. We'll go over the steps needed to use AWS Alexa Skills Kit and set up an audio interface that responds to voice commands. We’ll choose which voice “Trigger” we want to use to activate our application, we’ll create an “Interaction Model”, and we’ll route our commands to an AWS Lambda function to handle the request. We’ll use Node.js to create that function and connect it with our Alexa Skill.  

About Brant Barger: Brant is a Javascript Developer at Vroozi, Inc. who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He is passionate about functional programming, user experience, and has a history working in the film industry as a producer of commercials and music videos. You can find him on Github or Instagram under the handle “brantphoto". 

Event Link: https://www.meetup.com/SoCal-Node-JS/events/234615164/