Join us for an exclusive chat with John Couch, VP of Education at Apple. John will discuss his experience working in tech education at Apple, including creating iTunes University, opportunities for tech education, and how to increase tech skills in the workforce. Panel moderated by Eden Chen, co-founder of Fishermen Labs.

About John Couch: John is the Vice President of Education at Apple, Inc. Couch holds an A.B. in Computer Science from Berkeley, 1969. He earned his master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1970. John spent an additional two years in the Computer Science Ph.D. program. He left the program to work for Hewlett Packard as a software engineer. In 1978 John was recruited by Steve Jobs as Director of New Products for Apple Computer, Inc. In early 1979 John was promoted to Vice President of Software. After a departure from Apple, in 2002, John returned to to Apple to fill the newly created role of Vice President of Education.

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Moderator: Moderator: Eden Chen is the co-founder of Fishermen Labs, one of the fastest growing app development studios in the US. Eden is a serial entrepreneur and owns or manages other various startups including Foundry Edu, Knife and Fox, Ctrl Collective, Glo Bible, Zolo Studios, and Dev Crew. Before this, Eden led tech and finance efforts at Reality LA and was the founder at Lightmark Capital, a Los Angeles based hedge fund. Prior to working as an entrepreneur, he worked as an investment banker at Citigroup and Lehman Brothers. Eden graduated from Emory University.