The world is rapidly changing and so is the job landscape. With all of the freelance opportunities out there companies are struggling to find good quality employees that aren't going to jump ship. They have been burned by the millennials and entrepreneurs that want to make a quick buck while they build thier dreams. It's no wonder why they are more critical of potential candidates than ever before. But you're an amazing candidate who wants a stable job, why aren't you getting hired?

In this course I'll be teaching you how to land the job of your dreams, today! We'll be covering everything from identifying the right company for you and why, to building your resume the right way, to getting the interview and landing the job. Now I know this sounds easy, but it's not. Success is not easy, it's eared. I'll be teaching you the methods and techniques that success people use to land amazing jobs. 

My name is Quintin Ford and I am the founder of OCEAN STREET a social media staffing agency located in Playa Vista, CA. I have worked with the leading companies in Los Angeles and in my time as a recruiter I have learned in great detail what it takes to land a job. I've coached hundreds of candidates through the interviewing and hiring process. Look at myLinkedIn profile, I have amazing recommendations. 



Who I am, who I've worked with, my story and why I'm sharing this knowledge with you. 


Identifying where you want to work

You need to know where you want to work and why. 

Blasting your resume to tons of opportunities is a waste of time.

Don't confuse yourself with other opportunities..

Understanding your specific value to an organization. 


The perfect resume

What's wrong with your resume?

How to make your resume stand out and get read.

Matching your skills and keywords.

How many different versions you should have and for what.

How to format your resume and get into the yes pile.


Delivering your resume

Applying online

Identifying people who can get your resume into the right hands

Doing the right research. Don't waste time. 

Developing compelling reasons to be interviewed.

Delivering a resume to get an interview.


Preparing for an interview

Research your why

Understand your value

Knowing who to know

Developing the right questions for the right situation

Starting off the day the right way.

Arriving on time and last minute prep


Follow up

What's appropriate and when

How to write a thank you note - one that works.

How to get a second interview when you bombed the first one.

How to get the job even when you've already been rejected. 



This will be an hour and a half long seminar with a half hour for questions. 

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