LA dominates in B2C consumer focused and service industry startups, from web sites to on demand apps, to e-commerce companies, and consulting services and agencies. Join our Digital LA - Optimizing Operations and Awesome Customer Service event with experts form Silicon Beach startups that provide customer service services, and direct customer service itself. We'll discuss how to start with a operations philosophy that delivers great customer service experience, how to use benchmarks, standards and tech tools to track and improve performance, how to find, grow, and reward your customer service team. We'll also discuss how to provide great customer service across multiple touch points: email, phone, live chat, social media, and more, to get feedback, resolve issues, and surprise and impress your customers to reduce churn and keep word of mouth and customer retention rates high. How does your return policy support good customer service, and how do you create a customer service minded environment throughout your startup, not just customer service staff.