• CTRL Collective (map)
  • 12575 Beatrice Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90066
  • United States

Presenting the CTRL Collective Innovation Lab powered by Red Bull. 
The lab will be fitted with AIO Robotics ZEUS 3D printers to build and prototype on-site and a innovation bar with all the tools and Redbull to help create your next passion. We welcome all the curious and extraordinary outliers for a day to enhance things you only dared to explore.

The event will be held on May 25th 2016 from 2:00pm-9:00pm at CTRL Collective. We will have Innovators, Artists, Pioneers, and Inventors all demonstrating their passions on-site. We will have food trucks, DJ, live demonstrations, event speakers, complimentary coffee and cocktails in the evening. We can't wait to see you there! 

AIO Robotics- ZEUS - THE SMARTEST 3D PRINTER - Scan, Edit, Slice, Print your 3D Objects with the touch of a button. A 3D Printing certificaiton course from 5:00-6:00pm complimentary to all attendess. 

Discover Simplipress, frenchpress without the mess! - Coffee served to your tastebuds from 2:00-6:00pm

BEZALEL isn’t just a hardware or technology company; we’re a team of problem solvers devoted to bringing omnipresent wireless charging to everyone. When a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device loses its charge, its user loses his or her ability to stay connected to the world. That’s why our team at BEZALEL is so passionate – we’re focused on solving a real problem and helping people make the most of technology that has become essential to modern life. At BEZALEL, we exist to be different.

Mama’s Boy Infusions® Crafted by an LA bartender who knows what people want to drink - but also knows it's still a good idea to listen to your mama…

Mama’s Boy Infusions® set out to elevate tequila’s “bad boy” reputation by enhancing its classic flavor profile with a vibrant, sweet-and-spicy twist.

Tequila, pure filtered water, exotic fruit, and Mama’s exclusive chili blend are infused to perfection, creating the ideal spirit to enjoy on the rocks, in one of our signature Mama’s Boy cocktails, or as the basis for your own limitless creations.

“It’s not a flavor, it’s an experience"

VRScout is all about discovering the best in virtual reality and uncovering the people embracing VR to shape the future of storytelling.

Container Concepts™ -  We create Modular Business Solutions; creating complete food service, retail, event, and utility businesses in a box. Container Concepts provides unique functional marketing by fitting brands with a vehicle to push forward their identity or message. It is a fresh made delivery system in a ready to go package.