Quintin Ford is an entreprenuer and recruitment professional in Los Angeles. He has developed a hyper effective system for generating leads and closing business on LinkedIn. With the tools he has discovered and the 7 touch system he has developed, Quintin has been able to do business with some of the leading companies in Los Angeles. 

The first hour will be spent discussing the different versions of LinkedIn, what tools you can use in combination with LinkedIn and how to effectivly reach out to people and close business. The second hour will be open for questioning.


How we learned so much about linkedin

How we “hacked” linkedin and found out what it’s core value is.

Checking source code for contact info, running programs to find emails.

LinkedIn’s limitations and crazy pricing.

LinkedIn project folders and alerts.


What Version Of LinkedIn Should You Use. Paid vs Non Paid

How you can work with the basic version of LinkedIn - Building your network

Why the most expensive LinkedIn Recruiter account Sucks

Why the premium $100/m version of linkedin is awesome

What Tools To Use In Combination With LinkedIn


Generating Leads & Sales With Your New LinkedIn Super Account

Don’t do what everyone else does.

Create Value & Understand Each “touch” matters

My personal 7 step approach.

Connect, Thank, Point, Ask, Point, Ask, Ask for meeting.


Open for questions


This course is great for Recruiters, Sales Professionals and Job Seekers.

Join us for LinkedIn Domination and Networking

Tuesday May 24th 2016 at 7pm.

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