Featuring Panelists from Grindr and Boon

On December 14th at 7pm, let's get together, network and learn from recruiting and HR professionals at LA's leading companies. We'll be talking about all the amazing new technologies available in recruitment and how everyday people can leverage this information to land a job. A few topics we'll be covering.


For recruiters:

  • Recruiting tools
  • Referral improvements
  • LinkedIn techniques
  • Sourcing options
  • Job boards
  • Marketing for the future
  • Attracting candidates


For job seekers:

  • Resume Building
  • Application Strategy
  • Interviewing
  • Startups vs. Corporations
  • Do's and Dont's
  • Jobs growing in demand
  • Career changing


Full details herehttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-future-of-recruiting-and-getting-hired-in-silicon-beach-tickets-30012947534