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CTRL Collective Presents
FATHOM Art Series One
Hugh Kretschmer Talks - Oddities and Entities
Plus the release of Gastronopolis, a limited edition monograph

Oddities and Entities:

Hugh Kretschmer (American b. 1960): Oddities and Entities is a career spanning collection of Editorial, Commercial and Fine Art photography showcasing Hugh’s approach to illuminating the human condition with a bright light of surreal, irony. All of the images are composed in camera with minimal use of Photoshop. The work combines old school technical mastery with an imaginative, dreamlike sense of story.


What if a beautiful space alien came to New York for lunch, or more to the point, decided to have New York City for lunch? Wonder no more, Hugh has thought it through for us. It’s how the man’s mind works. And yes, it is cleverly absurd.

“The idea of “Gastronopolis” was based on a combination of things that I’m fascinated by: old sci-fi, New York architecture, food. I imagined a series of photographs that evoke retro design and surreal juxtapositions. The end result was influenced by some of my favorite sources, the Fritz Lang silent film “Metropolis” and the Art Deco era. I based the props, sets, costumes and execution on these criteria and spent endless hours on “by-hand” detailing. Every additional minute spent was worth the effort...” 

Join us after the talk at 8 PM for Networking Night hosted by Young Scent and Happening In DTLA

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