• CTRL Collective DTLA (map)
  • 833 South Spring Street Floor 4
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90014
  • United States

Join us as we bring together the brightest minds across disciplines and generations for three days of inspired and innovative programming, events, ideas, art, and culinary excursions. We are thrilled to present the thought-leadership event of our new and connected era–the first time this level of intricate curation has ever been possible.

Next November, the Summit community will come together in downtown Los Angeles to expose each other to new ways of seeing, new patterns of thinking, and new perspectives from fresh vantage points. We invite you to our highly-curated adventure to develop new ideas, inspire others, and build truly meaningful relationships.

Summit 2017 will push the cutting-edge of immersive experiences, interactive programming, lively exhibits, intimate intellectual environments, open-air performances, site-specific artist activations, and so much more.

Each environment will be meticulously crafted towards our ongoing aim of authenticity and connection. Working within and throughout the existing interplay between the urban and natural environment in downtown LA, we’ll be creating an intimate and walkable campus. 

We invite you to this cultural landscape to explore your deepest fascinations, create heightened interactions, and develop deep intergenerational connections with other disciplines.  All shared through the lens of art, music, culinary adventures, intellectual experiences, wide-ranging conversations, and the constant pursuit of the greatest possible truth.

Summit’s three-day popup campus will weave its way through one of the most thriving urban landscapes in the world. Los Angeles is the beating heart of artistic culture and innovation, and Summit 2017 will embrace and deepen the experiential opportunities found in the city’s historic architecture and exciting public spaces.

We will be taking over century-old theaters, grand hotels, and eightieth floor rooftops. Activations will be woven throughout parks, medians, tiny back alleys, and intimate spaces.

Our core programming is structured around six elements, each of which alone and in concert foster deeper levels of engagement and inspiration.

Intellectual Discourse

Musical Performances


Culinary Experiences

Wellness & Recreation