This event takes place in the Small Collaborative Space.

EPIC LA is the place where you will find the big thinkers and doers of our world.

Epic LA is for entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders and others who inspire to be and do more with their lives. We will have dynamic speakers. Come and be inspired by their stories and hear about their successes and failures in business and life.

Our events are to inspire, educate and to help you take massive action

EPIC LA is more of a playground than one of those boring conferences.

Join us and connect with other cool people, learn valuable lessons, eat great food and have fun along the way. We will have speakers from the Tech, Art, & Business community. 

The goal is to make you a superhero so that you can leave the job you hate or start that dream project you always wanted to do. You can do it when you surround yourself with the right people.

Come join us and please come hungry because there will be delicious food :)

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Our speaker on Jan 10, 2017 will be Ash Kumra.

Ash Kumra Bio: Ash Kumra is an award winning entrepreneur, author, public speaker and talk show host recognized twice by the White House as an entrepreneur making an impact. Ash is currently co-founder of Youngry (a media company informing, inspiring and elevating young & hungry minded entrepreneurs to thrive).  Ash is also the author of book series "Confessions from an Entrepreneur", spoken to over 10,000 people and in 100's of articles including Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, American Express Forum & Entrepreneur Magazine. As a talk show host; Ash has also hosted over 100 interview with business mavens, authors, entrepreneurs and celebrities who have achieved their dreams and goals.