Real Estate Broker/Agent Referral Program

Qualified Broker / Agents:

CTRL Collective will compensate licensed Real Estate Brokers/Agents in return for successful initial introductions and/or referrals (Referrals) of their clients not previously referred to CTRL Collective, which lead to an executed Service Agreement. The Real Estate Broker/Agent Referral Program is reserved for commercial Real Estate Brokers/Agents, residential Real Estate Broker/Agents that are duly licensed and in good standing. 

Initial Agreement:

Office & Coworking Compensation will be calculated as the 1st monthly service agreement fee. Active involvement is required in order to qualify for a commission.


Payment will be made each month on sales closed in the previous month once an invoice is received. A completed sale is defined as a signed service agreement and payment of the initial fee. Invoices must be received within 60 days of the completed sale. All commissions will be made payable to the brokerage company and not to an individual Broker/Agent. Maximum payment amount shall be no more than 100,000 USD or local equivalent on any single transaction. 

Payment Method:

All payments will be made by Wire/Bank Transfer or if in North America by ACH.


Real Estate Brokers/Agents must refer prospects through a CTRL Collective team member (this covers all) the CTRL Collective website or any other CTRL Collective approved mechanism. In the event two or more Real Estate Brokers/Agents refer a prospect, CTRL Collective shall accept the first official referral received, unless instructed otherwise by the client. CTRL Collective reserves the right to reject a referral to the extent the customer applied directly, is an existing customer or was referred previously through another Real Estate Broker/Agent. CTRL Collective will endeavour to notify the referring Real Estate Agent of any rejections within 3 business days. Submittal of a referral to CTRL Collective alone indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions. CTRL Collective reserves the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time without prior notice.